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#ETMOOC @ 10

It seems like many worlds ago, when “MOOC” was not a term I mocked, but as it happens, this month marks the 10th year since Alec Couros launched ETMOOC, the Education Technology MOOOOOOC. Susan Spellman Cann has been heroic each year in organizing a tweeted reunion The linked “smore” site suggest ways to participate I’m […]


Volcanoes, Again

It has been a while since I gave thought time to volcanoes, how about you? And of all unlikely starts to the process, this came via a tweet from Stephen Downes referencing a new content site which he noted must be just starting out because 3 of the top search results included courses about volcanoes. […]


11 and 21

This post was intended for August 27, and I could even get the energy for the tapping it in until the wee hours, slipping into August 28. This is the day to remember, honor, tell a few stories about my Dad, who left this world August 27, 2001 and my Mom, who followed him 10 […]