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Soup and Memory

“Oh no, Granny! I must call you and apologize for not doing so on your birthday, last Friday… at least I made your split pea soup…” She would have been 116 that day — plus or minus as the story goes, October 15 was picked by a Census taker since Baby Janet lacked a birth […]

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Hi. There has not been too much nostalgia posting here lately (well actually not much at all, so there). Maybe last June? But who cares if I feel like dipping into my tech past, it’s there. It’s part of my journey. And it’s my blog, my domain. Farther back, maybe a year ago, I recanted […]

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It Won’t Wait For Me

Despite sci-fi ideas of bending, traveling, tunneling wrinkling, that time thing just keeps moving along. Another August 27. Click. Sure the laws of physics can explain the passage of 10 years since my Mom passed away today and 20 years since Dad did, but how does it make sense that they would do so on […]


Curious About Curiosity

After many years of being a first grade teacher, my sister Judy has certainly earned the freedom of retirement days doing what she wants. She has been messaging this week as she is sorting through many boxes of family memories, sharing a gem every day. She sent this photo asking if I remembered it: But […]

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From Snowberry to Dad, Leveling In

May 2 is but one the 365 days per year, another block on the calendar, but also it is World Tuna Day. Who knew? Skip on by if you, rare reader, are looking for something difference for me recycling family memories. It’s my blog! This day for me is the marking of my Dad’s birthday, […]