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Aiming for the Joslin 50 Medal

With a bit of uncertainty on the exact date, I am fairly sure tomorrow marks a milestone making me eligible to apply for a bronze medal from the Joslin Diabetes Center. That means making it to 50 years living with Type 1 Diabetes (at least doubling the scare tactic Dr Silver at Camp Glyndon tried […]


9 and 19

August 27 loomed… and now passes by on the calendar. Flip, another year. This one marks 19 years since my Dad passed away. A flip the bird to stomach cancer. And then 10 years later to the day, Mom succumbed to a heart attack. The same day. Not a coincidense. Just marked here with another […]


Never Motherless

Mothers’ Day when your mother has passed on… there are no flowers to send, no cards to mail, no phone calls. But that does not mean nothing to do (not like not writing too many double negatives!). The first Mothers Day after mom passed on, in my post I lifted the lyrics from the song […]


Young Dad

May 2 marks Dad’s birthday, if he was here I would have called him to ask how it feels to be 94. There’s a challenge in trying to imagine your parents as kids. You come into the world, and there they are, fully formed. Dad was always just Dad, but there’s the few photos I […]

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Could Have Been 70

The math on my parent’s anniversary was always easy since they were married in 1950– on February 5, you just needed to subtract 50. Today would have been a party for their 70th. Alas, no party when they are both gone. But twenty years ago it was, my sisters and I had a party for […]