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Hi. There has not been too much nostalgia posting here lately (well actually not much at all, so there). Maybe last June? But who cares if I feel like dipping into my tech past, it’s there. It’s part of my journey. And it’s my blog, my domain. Farther back, maybe a year ago, I recanted […]


Olde Movie Tyme

In pandemic times, out of the ordinary things happen. Around the home front last week, as a birthday thing, the family indulged me in watching a few favorite movies I watched repeatedly as a kid on TV in the early 1970s. Apparently my kid days was a long time ago. My movie and music tastes […]


Web Writing… like it was not 1995

Some colleagues are pegging one of the best blogging genres, blogging about blogging or writing about writing. Kate Bowles started a wave with lamenting the weight work related writing, Martin Weller cues the Fab Four , Alyson Indrus is focused on writing writing, and while it’s more indirect, D’Arcy Norman’s observation of Apocalyptic Chic is […]


Twenty Five Years on Myst Island

Among the list of “wow it was 25 years ago” was this Fast Company article that came across my twitter stream, “Myst” at 25: How it changed gaming, created addicts, and made enemies. In Myst, you explore an ornately detailed island that leads to other vaguely Victorian sci-fi worlds (called ages) created by a character […]

Memories, Nostalgia

Landsat Imagery 30+ Years Later

Tony Hirst, absolutely one of the best last of the Bloghicans, wrote the other day of Keeping Up With What’s Possible – Daily Satellite Imagery from AWS. This struck a memory nerve, as this is what I did in the late 1980s for my Masters Thesis in Geology… though it was stone and chisel computing […]

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Ten Years Between Blog Posts?

Sorry I have not blogged for a decade… Sigh, such excuses. I set up https://cogdogroo.wordpress.com/ in 2007 for a speaking/presenting tour of Australia I did in October 2007– well it was every capital city in two weeks, a bit mad cap. But I did manage 75 posts starting back with planning in February. So it’s […]