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Twenty Five Years on Myst Island

Among the list of “wow it was 25 years ago” was this Fast Company article that came across my twitter stream, “Myst” at 25: How it changed gaming, created addicts, and made enemies. In Myst, you explore an ornately detailed island that leads to other vaguely Victorian sci-fi worlds (called ages) created by a character […]

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Landsat Imagery 30+ Years Later

Tony Hirst, absolutely one of the best last of the Bloghicans, wrote the other day of Keeping Up With What’s Possible – Daily Satellite Imagery from AWS. This struck a memory nerve, as this is what I did in the late 1980s for my Masters Thesis in Geology… though it was stone and chisel computing […]

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Ten Years Between Blog Posts?

Sorry I have not blogged for a decade… Sigh, such excuses. I set up https://cogdogroo.wordpress.com/ in 2007 for a speaking/presenting tour of Australia I did in October 2007– well it was every capital city in two weeks, a bit mad cap. But I did manage 75 posts starting back with planning in February. So it’s […]

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Perpetual Motion Web Machines

I’m amazed the gears still turn on some of my old web sites. Sure, the old HTML still works, I have a conference “paper” on the web I did in 1994 that still functions. But it does not really provide more than static information. I smiled at seeing a tweet from friends in New Zealand […]


Hypercard Archeostackology

I’m digging down to the code fragments of some of my first technology work, finding but fragments and relics in the layers bit dated 1992-1994. I credit/blame Tom Cc @cogdog https://t.co/d86h5phOyj — Tom Woodward (@twoodwar) August 19, 2017 I had briefly seen mention of the Internet Archive’s collection of Hypercard Stacks using a webpased eumlator. […]