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Could Have Been 70

The math on my parent’s anniversary was always easy since they were married in 1950– on February 5, you just needed to subtract 50. Today would have been a party for their 70th. Alas, no party when they are both gone. But twenty years ago it was, my sisters and I had a party for […]


8 and 18

They made everything easy for me, from entrance to this world right up to today, the single day I can mark their exit. Today in 2001 Dad took his last breath in hospice, the cancer winning the battle [for what?]. Today in 2011 Mom too, maybe her missing him that much, hers an unanticipated heart […]

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Lunar Optimism

It’s a bit past the apogee (see what I did there?) of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar mission. Maybe a long time for us, but to the moon, that’s but 0.000000011 of its history. The Eagle landed, and it was 2:56 UTC on July 21 when Neil Armstrong stepped out of the […]

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Never Dad-less

There’s no preparation I had as a kid for thinking of a Father’s Day without Dad around, prepping his barbecue for grilled steak even on his own day. I had no world without thinking of him in it. Then you grow up, supposedly. That photo was on the last birthday I celebrated with Dad, it […]


Tools of Dad

I do not need any social media reminder service to tell me who’s birthday is today; May 2 is always etched with being my Dad’s birthday. Today he would have been 93, but alas his odometer ran out at 72. I do this math, and figure out that when my dad was the age I […]


65 Years Later: No Cake, David

In its impeccable reminding, my calendar does not have to worry end up being the butt of You Had One Job. Yesterday, was the reminder that it would have been my brother David’s 67th birthday. As it was, he did not see past 34, passing away, likely alone, in a state mental institution in Maryland. […]