As it happens while looking for one thing (now forgotten) in my piles of web stuff, I stumbled across a directory of audio conversations I recorded in 2007. Just sitting there in a web directory.

It reminded me of one of the classic early Web2.0 Storytelling stuff I used to trade with Bryan Alexander— I Found A Digital Camera in the Woods (original forum post is gone, a copy is available).

I found a reference to this in a blog post written before a 2007 circum-Australia tour– I think it was material I hoped to use in presentations, but I am actually not too sure what I asked folks.

Here they are as a playlist:

Great to find these voices of colleagues from the past– now what the heck was I using it for?

Oh well, found audio is fun.

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Radio Royalty
Radio Royalty flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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