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Change The Blog Channel (But Change Back in 3 Weeks)

I am writing to you from a hill top view of Marion Bay in Tasmania Australia (no dingo jokes shall be made)… this is a few days into my 3 week Circuit Tour of Australia and my blogging for this time will be completely through — for the duration, I am using my own code (admittedly took me more time than I would have liked to install it on my own server, I am code rusty there) to embed the RSS feed from that blog just to the CogDogBlog home page.

Presentations, audio, pictures, all the usual debris shall be blogged there and most of the materials are on the buddy wiki at http:/ (am I branded or what?). (Will I stop asking questions in parentheses?) (no).

There are many things I shall be slacking on – I have about 5 short recorded conversations with colleagues Gardner Campbell, George Siemens, Phil Long, Vdya A, Beth Ritter-Guth that I am mining for the presentations; for now, they are sitting at . I likely will be out of the twitter loop — except; I have several presentations coming up (rebaked, with new content, from the “Being There” session I did last May at Faculty Academy- hey dudes, where are the recorded podcasts from that?) where I shall call out for some responses from my twitterati friends.

I really left my buds D’Arcy and Brian hanging the bag with our presentation for the K12 Online Conference – D’Acry ash done a heroic video edit job of the piles of screenshots and audio I sent him 2 days before my departure. I am hopeful I can log in for my “Fireside” chat session next week, which is something like 6:00am pST but Sunday night 10:30pm for me in Adelaide, the next day.

There’s more I am leaving behind (not to mention my supportive wife and pups at home) but the more I bother to write about them, the deeper the time hole gets.

Look for regular barking transmissions to resume here Oct 29. Until then, G’Day from down under…

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