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Bring Out Your Blogs

mashup of flickr cc licensed photos by digital_trash and by h.koppdelaney I had a blast with this session from Northern Voice that I arm twisted Brian Lamb and Chris Lott to be part of, which I had pitched originally as Every few months some pundit posts something online stating that blogging is dead (invariably posted […]

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Shut That Blog Up, Will Ya?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Orin Zebest The recent flip of the calendar (well not so recent, jeez, it’s been two weeks) reminds me that February is the time for my annual blog hiatus– I take some time off from posting here and devote my attention to commenting on other people’s blogs. This makes […]

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________ing About Not ________ing

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Chandra Marsono Despite Cole’s assertion I have never made a rule about “blogging about not blogging.” This was actually something I heard at a presentation last February at Northern Voice as more of an observation of how often we start a post by “I am sorry I have not […]