One of the last of the Bloghicans hit his 3003 blog mark today.

While out walking today, as it often does, that was swirling around in my head when I also, for some reason, cross associated with Pete Seeger (don’t ask for logic). But I heard an ed-tech cover song fermenting, and when that happens, well it’s just gotta play itself out.

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Featured Image: Modified first word in sign (and the tiny text underneath) from Hippies Use Side Door flickr photo by aturkus shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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  1. Well, it is always a good time when you make a new remix song, Still #TrueFriend Alan @cogdog. It was a good celebration for the UNCLE @JimGroom beard-badge-3003 day.

    Sometime people have to go on a mission, but they are still around when they make a GIF and I put it on my blog Today, not just Twitter. Plus, I don’t put much on Facebook but sometimes I see Bryan Alexander posts there. Also, when it was Giulia’s birthday.

    It was a fun time back in June when everybody did the 30 days of GIFs. They are being patient while I make up all of the badges, but I should do that soon.

    Well, keep on making songs, plus I will try to make more GIFs because I like GIFs.

    Your #TrueFriend,


  2. Some of us are still here . . . but it’s easy to get out of the habit of blogging and maybe some of the hi-viz edu-punks are now “over blogging” . . .and onto the next shiny thing

    1. I can only speak from my little frame of reference, Sheila, but many people get caught up driven in their blogging for an audience, for getting visibility, comments, etc. If that’s the primary motivation, then it does not take much for blogging to become a chore, a “something I should be doing but I’d rather be doing something else”. There’s nothing wrong with this.

      But if, somehow, and I do not know how to “tell” people how to do this, if blogging can become something that first serves your own needs and interests, the motivation takes care of itself. For me, it helps me think, synthesize, focus on something that has grabbed my attention or ire, and so much, it bothers me to not write about it. Even if no one seems to notice. Primarily, this blog is become part of the way I operate. The audience and external inputs can still happen, and they are influences, and feel good, but they are not the “why”.

      1. This is what I used to be like when I lived in Japan. Blogging was a way to process my experience. Sadly, I’m out of the habit. Thanks for your encouragement, Alan. It will work.

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