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Pearson’s Farm

Whether the excuse is pandemic or not, it has been a loooooong time since the guitar has been out of the case, even longer since penning an EdTech cover tune. Without more blathering, here is a bit of crooning by Bob CC-by-an with an open education protest song This was done hastily as part of […]

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I’m a Deleter

The cool ed-tech kids are deleting tweets. I’m not cool. Okay, I already did a cover version of the original for I’m a Reclaimer, so I am ripping myself off.

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NOBODY Blogs it Better

There was absolutely no reason to do this. I blame the iTunes shuffle which spun me through Carly Simon. I was working away on other stuff, thinking in the back of my mind about all the friends and colleagues getting ready to wake up for the first day of OERR17. Boom. Nobody blogs it better, […]

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Domains: The Bumper

It was almost a request… Anyone got some good ideas for a @DomainsConf radio bumper? Going live on #ds106radio Wednesday for a chat with @mburtis about her keynote. — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) March 13, 2017 Though this may not be the bumper they were looking forward to, but the sound of the JJ Cale original […]

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I’m a Reclaimer

Walking home from my friend’s Christmas dinner I was thinking, of all things, about how tired people seem to be of social media and the web, and a lot of resignation to how eff-ed up it can feel. Many of the blogs I relished reading have just gone dark, un-updated in my RSS Reader. And […]