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Nine / Nine ? Nein

Not that I am setting any goals here but can I keep pace? Just writing this creates the potential of expectations. But this is my gig space alone. And once more, a small nugget of example what hoisting content on your own platform, your own domain, creates unexpected potential for the wonderfully unexpected. (And curses […]


Hello, Blog

Hey CogDogBlog, you seem to be devoid of not only a hello world, but not too many posts at all recently. So never going out of style (here) is the genre of Blogging about Not Blogging closely followed up by Blogging about Blogging (2007 version! 2010 version!) (and a cover song “Where Have All the […]


There’s No Place Like Blog

Hello WordPress editor, has it really been 24 days since cracking you open here at el cogdogblog dot com? Indeed yes. With the world ongoing plodding into now a regular incertitude I have found myself stuck on several fronts, the daily photo habot has sputtered into a bi-weekly catch-up. So what else is there to […]


Breaking the Blogjam

Hello, world. No, that’s been done before. But hello, empty WordPress editor, screen, even more sparse when the Gutenburger editor opens full screen. More white space. Forgive me blog, for it has been 11 days since my last post, and it’s been only 3 this month. Even doing my ALL CAPS tweets of impersonation has […]