Hey CogDogBlog, you seem to be devoid of not only a hello world, but not too many posts at all recently.

So never going out of style (here) is the genre of Blogging about Not Blogging closely followed up by Blogging about Blogging (2007 version! 2010 version!) (and a cover song “Where Have All the Bloggers gone”)

No one has complained really except for me. And blogging grows more passe with each passing pass.

Yet, as somewhere blogged in this mess, at some level, there are times I cannot not write. Get it? Probably not. I have a heap of open tabs or ones left as shards in my browser history that are whispering to be spun out here.

I did spend time the last few months spinning out lonely posts in the OEG Connect space so it’s not like no writing happened. I even gave it a metaphor treatment as another quiet space called the Idea Corner.

As they say…

This blog… not dead yet.

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Hi Out There
Hi Out There flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

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An early 90s builder of web stuff and blogging Alan Levine barks at CogDogBlog.com on web storytelling (#ds106 #4life), photography, bending WordPress, and serendipity in the infinite internet river. He thinks it's weird to write about himself in the third person. And he is 100% into the Fediverse (or tells himself so) Tooting as @cogdog@cosocial.ca


  1. I’m nudging myself too. A lot to say that has probably just been captured someone else. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Blogging about not-blogging, or it’s sister tpoic Blogging about blogging is right up there with the 2-way web tradition of at minimum commenting on the above mentioned blog, whatever form it may take.
    I comment, because I C-A-N. Sorry, not sorry. :^)

    1. I’d hardly tag you for minimum, commenting, Eric, You are in my appreciation list for your comments here. I might have to do some updated tallies of my comment audiencer.

      And now I remember a tradition I did a few years in February where I would not post any thing here, but spend a month commenting on other blogs. I did a tally each year of the comment numbers (and thus it has been a long while since updating).


      Each post I write leads my to finding old ones in need of updates.

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