It’s that time of year, with a calendar reminder or not, to think of the span between these three days of February. Three days and many years now.

February 5, 1950–now 73 years ago–marks the date Alyce Herondorf married Morris Levine and set out on that life together that gave me, my sisters, my brothers, and everything I know to be. Because of them. The wed in an even numbered year that makes the mathematics of the passing time easy to calculate and hard to accept.

Three days from now will have mark the date of would be Mom’s 94th birthday. She would explode in laughter were a phone to work — we’d joke about time, and cookies, and memories of times together in Ocean City.

Today, Cori and I got to spend time together snowshoeing around our property, laughing, joking, and her enjoying my silly goofiness.

2023/365/36 Yes! We Are a bit Crazy....
2023/365/36 Yes! We Are a bit Crazy…. flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

Mom and Dad would have so loved knowing Cori as a daughter. I can imagine those weekly phone calls where they would want to hear about all we are up to, them full of questions of our lives and always, lots of laughs and joy.

I can feel their togetherness in thinking about them and can feel them with us.

On these three days, and beyond. Forever.

Featured Image: Unpublished photo I took of my parents on their Florida porch, licensed CC BY (bye)

My silver haired mom leaning close to camera, sporting a colorful cactus themed short, my dad further back in his blue shirt and shorts, sitting together in shade of their Florida porch
Mom and Dad, circa 2000?
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  1. Lovely tribute, Alan. You folks went to Ocean City?! My family’s big annual holiday from living in north Jersey was to spend a week or two in mid-summer in Sea Isle City, just down the coast (assuming it’s the NJ Ocean City you’re talking about)!

    Pleased you and Cori are enjoying your time while recalling and appreciating those who came before, who gave you what you are! All the best from summery Aotearoa NZ!

    1. Thanks for reading the olde blog, Dave! You seem so natural in New Zealand that I forget your American roots.

      I should have been specific- our vacation spot every year was Ocean City, Maryland but probably not all that much different for an Atlantic coast beach scene.

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