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Web Handicraft

Might the antidote to some future/present sense of powerless miasma to an algorithmic fueled inescapable AI matrix be just human created quirkiness? Join me (or click away quickly now) for another rummaging in an old hard drive of 1990s website files for a taste of the uncharted freedom when we created digital content without platforms […]

Experiments, Photography


Are there really neat lines of cause/effect action in the possibility place the internet, 2021 warts and all, still provides? My best experiences there are ones that could never be anticipated. The antidote to artificial intelligence and algorithmic forces are the human especially the quirky ones, that cannot be GANned or blockchained or predicted. An […]


Strawberry Crossfade

A wavering of the flux capacitor of pandemic time left this post lingering a long time, not even as a draft in WordPress (I almost never leave drafts), but in my mind. In November of Covid-19 Year Zero (aka 2020) I sold the little house in Strawberry Arizona that was my home from 2008 to […]