I was trolling the olde blog settings for the WordPress Jetpack plugin and spotted something that confirmed I had aleady learned– the nuking of Twitter’s API meant the Social module could no longer tweet new posts.

Old news.

But what I did see was a new option to connect my WordPress blog to publish new posts to Mastodon. In like 10 second I connected to my instance and connected my account to this here blog.

Thus, this post is mostly a test of the connection (for which I spent more than too much time in Photoshop on the fetured image).

This might end up double tooting, since I have been using an IFTTT applet to share to mastodon whenever there is a new post in my RSS feed.

Ok, let’s see how this elephant flies with a new Jetpack!

Dead bird dead bird.

I’m no super billionaire businessman, but to cut off the world’s largest web publishing platform from adding content to your product is— dumb ass to the nth degree.

Toot, toot, someone sweep the dead bird off the road.

UPDATE (June 13, 2023)

I have two mastodon post tooters in operation now… for comparison:

On the left is the post made by my IFTTT applet, on the right is the one made by the JetPack Social

The difference is minor- the Jetpack on includes an excerpt of the post. I like in IFTTT I can customize it with extra text like before the title “Just CogDogBlogged” and adding an extra hashtag. I could include the excerpt in IFTTT but am not sure it matters. Also, IFTTT is a bit delayed, the JetPack one is instant. As if I am that important that I don’t want to keep my fan waiting.

I don’t think it means a hill of beans to anyone except me. I like IFTTT more, but I can use JetPack if the former ever poops out.

Featured Image: My own photoppery (OMG the crap DALL-E gave me for “An elephant wearing a jetpack hovers in the air over a dead bird laying on the road, cartoon style”) based on p1210759 flickr photo by generalising shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license and Dead bird flickr photo by indoloony shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

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  1. I saw mention of this, maybe on Discord. But never copy/pasted the link and forgot all about it in the flurry of activity at UMW which I was following from afar. Thanks for blogging this, now I got it. And now I’ve DONE it myself on the WordPress site. I’ve haven’t been on Twitter (literally was kicked off) since 2016. Same for FB, so no sharing other than RSS since then. But now, NOW I’ve got gateway out to ActivtyPub via Mastodon, and things feel more “hopeful”.

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