I previously blabbed that Twitter had done a full reverse cycle to its first impression in 2007 of being “that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard of”– I was wrong.

The stupid levels have gone much lower, like DEFCON -1. I don’t need to say much.

And I am not the first to lament the ultimate lameness how in so many places there is this way of referencing the platform… I won’t even say it here, but see the reddit thread for No Stupid Questions and I think Wonkette has the winning title… if this is the Associated Press’s Style Book, I will refrain from being in style.

Everytime I see it in a post or article, I am torn between giggling and spitting up breakfast.

And is there possibly anyone on the internet who does not know of this patently junior league goofball attempt at branding and really needs the “formerly known as” tail stream?

On this blog Twitter is and was only called Twitter.

Like it matters.

Featured Image: Hidden X flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

View down on a stump where two leaves of am iris are spread at angles, the top buried by snow, it looks like a half covered letter X
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