We may regret the visuals, but the dog is out of the bag

modified from cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo by Lip Jin Lee: http://flickr.com/photos/levoodoo/3204026062/

modified from cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo by Lip Jin Lee: http://flickr.com/photos/levoodoo/3204026062/

I’v just written up a bit of information about the Fall 2013 Headless ds106 — essentially, we will be publishing a regular scheduled series of tasks based on the syllabi on the past 7 ds106 courses taught at UMW. Anyone interested follows along for portions they care to.

No apologies for “dropping out”. That is decapitated.

But I am not teaching it. Jim Groom is not teaching it. No one is charge, though I have a call out for volunteers to assist. You are not signing up to teach but to assist, help, cajole, stir the pot, in whatever way you see fit.

This way, Jim and I get to do ds106, not teach it.

It is really in response to challenges we know for open participants, three is not structure or map through ds106. So if you seek that, you can do it along side others. The Syllabus has the time schedule for topics, starting August 26. If you want an idea what each week entails, see the Spring 2013 Weekly Announcements.

What I am really hoping happens is that people bring along new people, a friend, colleague, students, colleagues, a group of teachers seeking PD, that is your real task now- find a way to bring new folks in.

I suggest reading Jim Groom’s post with his perspective on this idea (although I cannot even say “Acephalous”).

Let’s face it, ds106 has never been massive in terms of participants, and there is a reason for that. You can’t have a sense of community within a massive, automated machine. You need to have a sense of affection for those you are creating alongside, and that’s a fact that is overlooked (or suppressed) when we jump from the idea of massive participants to massive data collection to number-drive generalizations about experience. Along those lines learning is processed and denatured into an abstraction that can be more readily salable. It’s all bullshit, the important thing is the learning within a community of people that provide you with a series of contexts for the experience (no matter how disparate), nothing else matters one lick to those who are not trying to commodify the whole enterprise.

But remember- no one is in charge, not NOBODY… NO ONE. or EVERYONE.

This is an exciting experiment in what the ds106 community can do.

But do not take me wrong- I am not in any way saying that this kind of course can happen automated, cranked out of a Silicon Valley Sausage Grinder, without teachers. That is cow poop. This is the result and product of the blood, sweat, and GIFs of those who have led classes and those who have participated in ds106.

Let’s roll this one big time.

Go headless in ds106. Which is not to be confused with losing your head…

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Janine

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  1. We should probably add something about how Reclaim Hosting is available to any open #ds106 participant that wants to self-host their own blog as part of the course. Jim and I will have to work out the logistics of how they sign up for that so more info on it soon, but it will definitely be an option available to people.

  2. I agree the visual is regrettable, but one is free to imagine what other choices you might have made and sing a light refrain of “Dr. Freud, Dr. Freud, how we wish you were differently employed!”

    As to the substance of your post, oh boy! Let’s go!
    I am thinking of running one of my classes through part of it–how would blog aggregation work?

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