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Humanery and/or Machinery

Despite the apparent demise of blogs the flat line of the RSS-ograph blips with a pulse from David Kernohan “on chatbots.” FOTA is alive! Unsure if my comment gets through the gate (a first one generated a critical WordPress error, sorry, David), but I have to at least assert my assertion, as if it blips […]


Daily Double January 2023

With grand intentions to stick to a schedule of daily challenges, by skin of my calendar teeth I am 31 for 31 days in both daily flickr photos and ds106 Daily Creates. I’ve held this pace before maybe 2 months? Does it really matter to get a perfect score (no)? But parsing some time to […]


Tock, Tick, The Daily Trick

Most likely I mangled my attempt at wordplay in that title. I’m writing again about my belief/obsession with small acts of daily creativity. I have no real research, no data to back my hypothesis, but I will make up something that applying Curly’s Law to doing something small, new, micro challenging on a regular basis […]