Whatever the web is becoming or devolving or transmorgiphing to, DS106 still goes on, in some fashion, especially with the Daily Create. And look out, the machinations are at work to oblivate it into perhaps something new?

A hallmark of DS106 always was not just spitting out things created (“just type a prompt in a box and let it write your resume!”) but also explaining how it was done. When I did and taught DS106, it was the writing of this that was evaluated/assessed, not the baubles themselves.

And back in days where e blogging was a several times a day things (the pre-scrolling era) I’d do a lot for the Daily Creates, ironic, as those are things meant to be done quickly, the writing always takes longer.

I revived that today for the 4310th DS106 Daily Create (go ahead divide 4310 by 365 and give that some credit), posted by the Amazing and True to @dogtrax, is to share a dramatic audio iteration of “Oh Yeah”. The other DS106 attribute lost in the wash, is when a person who creates an assignment does it themself.

And Kevin goes beyond by kindly attributing an image used to me 😉 oh gosh, why would he do that when its licensed CC0 and he does not have to? That’s a riddle for past posts.

In the spirit of Daily Creates, its best to just go quickly with a first impulse. When I taught DS106 in the Protopaleocene era (2012-2014) I constantly urged students to not strictly follow the rules for an assignment. If they could bend, do it differently, but justify how it satisfied the assignment (see, the explaining thereof) then it was good. A easy way is to do the opposite of what it says, or do it backwards.

Thus my response today, in which I not only posted the response, but added the explanation in audio Will it speak for itself? I share my response using my favorite web audio tool, namely Sodaphonic Boombox

Boombox audio player, listen to my sounds!
The embed code did not behave, shrug! Listen and enjoy, or groan, or mock.

Typically Boombox can be used for quick web recording and sharing, but for what I wanted to do, I constructed my process in Audacity, added narration, and uploaded.

Another fab feature of Boombox beyond that you dont have to login to use, is that it generates a transcript. That came through really quick, so as alt sound for above:

Hi, whoop! Today’s Daily Crate, DS-106 Daily Crate that is, is recording a dramatic sound of oh yeah 4310. That was pretty dramatic. This is what I did. It wasn’t really straightforward. I had this idea. What if I did it backwards? So what I first did was to figure out what oh yeah sounds like recording backwards. So first I recorded it straight in. Oh yeah. Yep, that’s pretty dramatic. Not pretty good. So in Audacity, where I recorded it, I just reversed it.

And there it is. I mean, it’s a little bit more than just trying to say it backwards. I might look at the words and do sort of like yay or something like that. But there it is. So I listened a few times and then I tried my own recording of it. Hi, whoop! And that would be what I submit as today’s Daily Crate. Kind of done backwards. Really creative. But now let’s do a check. Let’s reverse it and see what I get. Oh yeah. There you go. A Daily Crate with a little bit of audio explanation. This is CogDog doing it again for DS106 Daily Crate 4310 on November 1st, 2023. Still at this stuff. How about you?


Yes, apparently my voice saying “Create” comes out “Crate”, but I can live with that, like a friend long ago mocked my Baltimore accent that pronounces “water” as “wooder”. Plus my backwards”oh yeah” comes through as “HIi whoop!”

I tangent again.

But this act of making things and explaining how they are produced, this seems a throwback? ironic? counter? to the New Inevitable Trend of Typing in a Chatbox And Having No Idea How i Produces But Using it Anyway?

And if I keep yelling “Hi, whoop!” who can make sense of that?

Paging Dr Oblivion, I know you are out there….

Featured Image: Mine, 100% cogdog human generated with a camera, Backwards Welcome flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

A window with the word "Welcome"displayed in reverse
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  1. Why attribution? ‘Cause it was yer image I stumbled upon in flickr and you deserve attributes! Add to that that I used your flickrcc tool, too, and it made sense to me.
    (maybe only me?)

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