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Twitter Sez DS106 Daily Create Get Off My Lawn!

The Musky Dark Lord of Twitter has finally cast the fun loving, roll-in-the-grass-like-a-happy-dog DS106 Daily Create off of the tweeting lawn. This marks the end of 3811 successive never missed a single day of tweeting fun creative challenges openly and the last 2813 of them had, until today, been able to have their responses collected […]


Third Month of Double Dailies

Not that anyone is keeping score… well I am! For 2023 my double daily habits, the DS106 Daily Create and my Daily Flickr Photo routine have notched another perfect month, bringing both to 90 completions at the end of March, the 90th day of the year. This follows my streaks for both January and Feburary. Can this blistering […]

Random Musing, Rants

Humanery and/or Machinery

Despite the apparent demise of blogs the flat line of the RSS-ograph blips with a pulse from David Kernohan “on chatbots.” FOTA is alive! Unsure if my comment gets through the gate (a first one generated a critical WordPress error, sorry, David), but I have to at least assert my assertion, as if it blips […]


Daily Double January 2023

With grand intentions to stick to a schedule of daily challenges, by skin of my calendar teeth I am 31 for 31 days in both daily flickr photos and ds106 Daily Creates. I’ve held this pace before maybe 2 months? Does it really matter to get a perfect score (no)? But parsing some time to […]

On Sharing

Lend a Hand to the #DS106 Daily Create

The DS106 Daily Create has done it’s thing non-stop, every day since January 8, 2012 thanks to a dedicated crew of open and class participants in DS106 plus people who work behind the scenes to keep it populated. How many other web things have had a continuous 6+ year run? With no budget? While tech […]