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Lend a Hand to the #DS106 Daily Create

The DS106 Daily Create has done it’s thing non-stop, every day since January 8, 2012 thanks to a dedicated crew of open and class participants in DS106 plus people who work behind the scenes to keep it populated. How many other web things have had a continuous 6+ year run? With no budget? While tech […]

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The Making of CogDog Shatner

It’s been a while since I blogged a breakdown on the making of a DS106 Daily Create. I was lagging a bit on energy this afternoon, and that’s when I see if I can publish a Daily Create response in less than an hour. TDC2027 was a fun one: #tdc2027 Shatner A Song: William Shatner, […]

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Darn you Daily Create sending me down a creative rabbits hole. Thanks. And I’m responsible for today’s challenge #ds106 #dailycreate #tdc1552 It’s 4/8/16 Make Art to Celebrate the Power of the Number 4 https://t.co/hMegpYbuET pic.twitter.com/SW4CiurJfC — ds106 Daily Create (@ds106dc) April 8, 2016 I look for patterns in numbers, and while loading future Daily Creates […]

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Juxtaposing The Cloud View

It was just a simple daily create. Well today’s could be simple (take a photo of a cloud) but the prompt was to play with the idea of the Judy Collins song Both Sides Now.

Clouds as beauty to gawk at clouds as things which block the light and make you cold. What is […]

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Adding on to Removed as a Daily Create

A big hat tip to Mariana Funes for cleverly taking an idea for a DS106 Daily Create into the next level of interestingness. The one for TDC 1384 is called just “Removed”: US photographer Eric Pickersgill created “Removed” a series of powerful black and white photos. Inspired by this, your prompt for today comes from […]