Long ago, long before the web, as a Geology student, I was on a trip to Los Angeles. On the return drive along I-10 I saw this billboard that read:

Barry’s Bail Bonds: We’ll get You Out… Even if it Takes Us 20 Years!

Why does this memory stay in my little brain some 30 years later?

It came in handy for today’s DS1065 Daily Create “#TDC1548: You on a Billboard”:

Put yourself on a billboard and also put yourself in front of it.

I searched for images of a billboard in LA, and struck luck with this one from a Hyperbeast post about one of Ron English’s Obama Inauguration Billboards:

Hyperbeast post Jan 22, 2009
Hyperbeast post Jan 22, 2009

Perfect! It had LA, and a headless figure in front.

I used the billboard as a selection in Photoshop, selecting around the figure, drafted this post to use as the billboard and pasted it into the selection.

To give the billboard a texture, I put in an upper layer the first wrinkle textures from Valley’s in the Vinyl 18 Assorted Fabric and Clothing Textures, dropping the layer opacity to about 45%.

For my head I used a creative commons licensed photo of me at the OpenVA 2103 conference shared by Bill Smith (flipping horizontally).

This is one of those ones that really emerged based on the found images and messing around with it- I did not have this in mind when I started. I hoped to find Barry’s Bail Bonds in LA, but came up empty (looks like he set up shop elsewhere, or its not him), so here is a bit of the world I used that does not exist on the internet but is in my memory.

Top / Featured Image: My photoshop remix, explained fully in this post!

The post "We’ll Get You on the Web… Even If It Takes US 20 Years!" was originally assembled from spare parts of a 1957 Chevy at CogDogBlog (https://cogdogblog.com/2016/04/well-get-you-on-the-web/) on April 4, 2016.


  • Terry

    But how do the people in jail see the billboard to know that Barry’s going to get them out? They could have been out 10 years ago by now if his marketing plan was targeted better.

    • Alan Levine aka CogDog cogdogblog.com

      Ha, I never thought about it. Maybe the billboard was places within site of the prison grounds. Or it’s for friends and family.

      Are you raining in my billboard parade? ;-)

      • Terry

        No I ain’t tryin to rain on your parade! This post was 30 years in the making and it wouldn’t have come to fruition without Barry’s Bail Bonds!

  • Bill Smith

    And a fine use for that photo of you…

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