A big hat tip to Mariana Funes for cleverly taking an idea for a DS106 Daily Create into the next level of interestingness. The one for TDC 1384 is called just “Removed”:

US photographer Eric Pickersgill created “Removed” a series of powerful black and white photos. Inspired by this, your prompt for today comes from @patlockley: Take something away from a famous painting. For example, Mona Lisa sans smile or Girl with Pearl earring without pearl earring. The original photos were taken without the devices, take your own photo or edit something in the way Pat suggests.

The bleakness of the Removed series has gotten a lot of media attention, how forlorn people look in photos where their mobile devices have been removed. But I love what Mariana has done by nudging it beyond just replicating that to suggest do a removal of a key element from a famous painting.

I wanted to test the “do something in 20 minutes theory”. I could not figure out what might work as a removal from Munch’s The Scream. I looked at a few more possibilities when the idea of da Vinci’s Last Supper somehow just popped in my head.

So it was not too hard to use the Photoshop clone brush to clean the table, remove all the food, plates, and goblets. But then to take it back to the Removed series to suggest how they might have solved the problem of No Supper if they had devices

Oh me so clever.

I gotta say I love the range of approaches to this one, always the best part of TheDaily Create. There is a crazy variety of ways one can choose to respond to it.

This one is just a great twist on the original

And while Abbey Road is not a famous painting, the removal of John works cleverly (since usully the play was on Paul being dead)

Mitchell did take the mouth off the Screamer

Stephanie shows the starry night is too bright for the moon

“Bloody Face” does a nice place with Seurat’s A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by connecting it to Ferris Bueller’s day at the Art Institute of Chicago

Ben Rimes comes back to the future with doing not a painting but a movie poster. No points off at all.

Ronald goes surreal with the windmills; not the attention to detail in the water reflection

I love the Daily Create immensely. Here it is going now headed for it’s 4th year. No sign of slowing down or being removed at all.

Top / Featured Image credit: Screen shot of removed.social where it says “All Rights reserved”. It’s a public web site so I apply the rules of expectations of privacy in a public place. Pfffft. I am tired if this game where I may promote a web site, not benefit financially at all from scraping a screenshot, but still be considered a copyright criminal. The system is broken and I flip it the bid.

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