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For those with an eye for numbers and dates, January 1, 2024 has some math going- whether you are month/date/year or date/month/year, as Tristan Louis pointed out you have some fun progressive number addition

January 1 also means for me the yearly task to tweak a photo group in flickr dedicated to people each doing their own rounds of trying to maintain a daily photo posting habit.

This has been going since 2008 all of which came out of a pseudo dare, challenge to do a usual strategy of mine- DWDD (Do What D’arcy Norman Does). He did it himself in 2007, reflected on it at the end of the year, and wrote about maybe no doing it again. I said, hey! I’ll do it in 2008 if you will, and in we went with making a flickr group. Because 2008 was a leap year, its URL was and still is https://www.flickr.com/groups/366photos/. The task is updating the name, this year from 2023/265 Photos to 2024/366 Photos, tweaking the about text, and choosing a banner image and icon from the group photo pool (total of 355k photos), 46,000 of them are licensed creative commons. Then I just post a welcome message in the group discussions.

For me, I then create my own new album for 2024 photos, and get going.

Today’s photo is a familiar character, ready for anything…

2024/366/2 Ready for Anything flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

And then I am reminded I have so many small pieces sill loosely joined that I have a gizmo the posts to Felix’s own mastodon account any time I post a flickr photo tagged “felix” (it happens).

To demonstrate the group rules of being no rules, in 2023 I had an abysmal year, with only 159 of 365 posted to flickr, hence this year no glorious recapping. I took photos every day, but fell into a huge crater and grand hopes/illusions of catching up. I did really well January-March with doing both daily photo posting and DS106 Daily Creates every day– see results  JanuaryFebruary, and March. But the slide began in April and fell into a sinkhole in May or June.

As if anyone noticed.

I blame some on software, in May, for reasons I now forget, I updated the operating system in my trusty 2013 MacBookPro from Yosemite where I held there so I could keep using my beloved Aperture software, which I had a fast editing flow and flickr uploading with an old plugin.

The OS update to Big Sur meant I jumped to using Lightroom, which on paper has great features and library management, but I have been confounded to get my editing flow going. I think I have it underhand now (future post for no one to read).

But the great thing about 1/1/24, besides the numbers, is I get a reset. And so far, in 2024, I am managing to keep pace with posting daily photos.

There is an interesting phenomena about this long lived flickr group, can i really be called a community? There are 1921 members, and I know less than 1%. There is almost no interaction, the discussions area is pretty quiet beyond my announcement in early January. So it’s pretty much 1921 photographers doing their own practice or challenge, sharing to a pool, but really not doing it anyway together. It rings to ne of this great post on “Ambient Co-Presence” shared by Ben Werdmulller

That seems to describe this Flickr photo group. Creativity co-happening but all of it really not connected.

Anyhow, looking forward to 1/3/24 and keeping the streak alive.

Oh, for anyone inerested in being part, use or create a free flickr account (a basic account will go a good ways) amd join the ambient daily photo group at https://www.flickr.com/groups/366photos/

Featured Image: Mine, from flickr, always a favorite!

Fresh Start
Fresh Start flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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