Wow. What can I write but a big, stinkin’ WOW.

I literally spent the advertised 5 minutes to install WordPress. I especially liked the install steps:

Where you expecting more steps? Sorry to disappoint you

Using the instructions in the WordPress Codex, I was able to so easily import 867 MovableType entries, I thought it could not be true. Using the collection of suggestions, I exported the MT blog as a ginat 3 Mb text file. I followed the suggestions, and used BBEdit to convert the file encoding to UTF-8, uploaded to my wp admin area, and ran the script.

Shazam! That was too friggin easy. The power, the interface, and the features I am just scraping at are exciting, almost like discovering blogging anew. I should have done this long ago! Anyhow, rather than try and get everything lined up, I will announce now over at the Movable Type 2 years worth of CDB that the blog house has moved to this new locale.

One hich I bonked a bit on was not having my .htaccess file in the correct location for the Permalinks to work as advertised… but that was not too quickly uncovered (well after 10 minutes of messing around and temporarily making al web content “Forbidden” access).

I played around with the Categories interface to do a reorganization of my sloppy scheme— doing that in MT would have taken days, months, years…

To be done over the next few weeks are developing a custom theme, tweaking template, playing with all the cool plugins, but hey I love WordPress, I really do.

I could not resist looking for some themes (there are zillions of them), for now this is “Connections” from

This is one happy bloggin’ fool

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