Hey I am Just Starting

I feel like a gleeful, wet by the ears, just discovered blog software newbie. On one hand I hate starting over, giving up a system I knew insanely well, into a place where I am operating with 12 thumbs.

Last night I jumped too quickly into the Theme land, so as WordPress is so easy to swap, I rolled back to the default, looks like everyone elses blog of Kubrick theme. But I could not resist, and rolled in my own custom header. I have a bit more learnin’ to do with the style sheet structure.

Yes, I will add some static/fixed pages- I love that feature.

Next on the priority list is to learn how to create shorter URL slugs- WP seems to only offer to create URLs out of the full titlew string, and there must be a way to tell it to use say the first 20 characters. It seems to do okay on new posts by accepting the “post slug” (lovely term) value for creating URLs. I might have to write something to comb the database and back create slugs for old posts.

And also I want to create an abstract listing for category archives, rather ten full dumps of entire posts, as some of the archives have hundreds of entries. I saw that piece in the WordPress Codex.

Stay tuned.

I really need to be doing work, but this is too damn fun

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