Please, let’s take the high road, and ignore any literal, body action interpretations of this title.

My pending transition from Maricopa to NMC is likely to occupy much of my blog space, considering this is a transition from my first “real” job to my second.

Here is a very odd thing about Maricopa. People stay here a long time. I remember retirement parties and years of service recognition in the 30, 35 (heck maybe even 40 for Jim Devere) years. That is a healthy sign of an organization, right? Well, as I was ramping up to turning in my notice, I searched high and low among my employee manuals, policy manuals, HR Department web sites… I could find nothing that provides the instructions on how to resign.

There was stuff on retiring, dying, taking a leave of absence, getting fired, appealing getting fired, appealing the appeal for getting fired etc, but no, “here is what you do if you decided to take an opportunity outside of Maricopa.” It’s as if no on leaves.

Yet, they do.

Finally, I found out through informal channels. You hand your supervisor a printed letter, saying, “I resign as of X”. They tell another supervisor, who makes a call to HR, which initiates some sort of paperwork action described by a TLA (Three Letter Acronym). That was actually easy.

Next, I was told by my supervisor that she spoke to the head of HR, who suggested I “call benefits to find out what needs to be done”.

How formal is that? Is “Benefits” a person? Do I just ring up the phone and say, “Can I go? How?”

So I walked downstairs, said hello to Dee through the glass window, and asked, “what do I have to do?”. She smiled, asked about what I was doing, and explained what will happen (it’s automatic, stuff just moves into place).

It’s an interesting process for a large organization with lots of policies, regulations, and structure, that such a thing is so, well, informal.

I am not complaining at all, just curiously amused.

Perhaps, it would have been easier to die or get fired. But I am just going (no leg lifting on the tree as I depart).

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