Yet Another Web 2.0 List.

All Things Web 2.0 – “THE LIST”:

Although I continue to be repulsed by the term Web 2.0, I still thought I was keeping pretty current until I took a look at Bob’s list. While there are alot of Me2Web2 projects on the list, there’s a lot that aren’t. Browsing though this list is definitely worth the gander.

For those of you who make it a point to stay on top of “All Things Web 2.0″ “” Sorry I just spoiled your weekend.

If for anything remarkable, is the name of the blog where this list hangs: Sacred Cow Dung (for a blog name it has this dog nailed ;-).

But here is my curiosity. With so many things Web X.0 out there, why is it we still see such manually edited List Of Links? That itself is so 1.0.

Why are we not using the Web 2.0 tools to list Web 2.0 tools? WikiPedia’s Web 2.0 entry might be one,’s web 2.0 tags another — there still seems to be a reflex, a need for a single author edited “authoritive” list. So 1.0. So 1.0.

Tip of the blog hat to elearnspace for the link to the Dung.

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