It was well over a year ago I wrote a little piece about Reader2, the site that allows you to use a search form to pull up bibliographic data on books, tag ’em , tag suggestions, folksonomy, syndication, etc, all that funky 2.0 kind of tasty activity. My little experiment was to load up the thrift store books I had read (or not) that I had found at my favorite haunts- thift stores, yard sales, etc.

I’d not kept up on my documentation at, but tossed a few in tonight– maybe a grand investment of $2.00 for these items.

Found at the Pine Thirft Store (tag!). I lived through this history, and just ate up reading how Mosaic was first hatched. I got my first taste in October 1993, and now know when I was submitting my old sites to the NCSA What’s New Page, that Andreeson himself was cutting and pasting me in. I am less interested in the battles between NetScape and Microsoft, and hoping the fuzzy animal is going to be the king.

What a steal this was at 25 cents at a yard sale. I’d read pieces here and there, and am gleaning more deeply about what works in open source. I mean I knew it inside, but there are some great quotes to tack on the wall.

Now you will all know how un-literary I am- in my teen years I inhaled King’s books, loved the resonation of pop culture in his characters, but it wore thin sometime after Pet Cemetery. Hey, this find was a 10 cent investment of money, and maybe a few hours of time. In a way, the inside out perspective here was interesting, like wondering what the bug deals with before you crunch him under your shoe.

Well that’s just a few logs on the fire. I like what Reader2 mixes in; the search tools a bit funky, and the font size is almost unreaddable in the site, but conceptually what it does is in my rip mix feed bag of grooviness.

The post "Catch UP- Thrift Store Books" was originally emerged from the primordial ooze and first walked on land at CogDogBlog ( on June 23, 2006.

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