After reading, Quentins nicely shared post of the WordPress plugins used on his site (and more shared in the comments), I thought, “Great idea! Let’s go into borrow mode!”.

And it made sense to build one of those, um, colo– colofuns, coloph…. oh what the heck, Blog Bits, that describes some info about what’s under the hood here at CogDogBlog.

To re-iterate, my plug-in pile:

  • Dunstan’s Time Since Displays in human language how much time has passed since a post was published, “This entry was posted 6 days, 8 hours ago”
  • Jerome’s Keywords Allows keywords to be associated with each post. Not very optimal, Bunny’s Technorati tag stopped working for me; need to look into Ultimate Tag Warrior.
  • Optimal Title Allows <title>…</title> content to put the title first and blog name last, not as “good” if you are after search engine points, but of more use to web site taggers.
  • podPress The ultimate podcast feed creator, I might use it more if I had anything interesting to say audibly.
  • Preserve Code Formatting — allows source code to be displayed as HTML in <pre>…</pre> tags without needing to convert codes, not interpreted as HTML
  • Recent Comments — alows display if recent comments to front page sidebar.
  • Related Posts Displays a list of the related entries based on keyword matches.
  • Spam Karma 2 Ultimate Spam Killer; please bow reverently toward Dr Dave. I would not blog without this protection. Ask my spammers.
  • Site Statistics displays the stats for your blog, useful for a sidebar.
  • Subscribe To Comments Lets readers to receive notifications of new comments that are posted to an entry
  • Taragana’s Del.icio.us mp3 Player Plugin Makes any mp3 link (in post or page or any other location) playable directly on your webpage via s small flash player.
  • Tiger Style Administration Converts the admin area to something more modern in terms of layout and style.
  • WordPress Database Backup back up, and backup often.

Some of these were newly added, and after some rummaging arouund other Word Press blogs, like the totally geeky cool named 0xDECAFBAD who truly has a colophon. It was there I saw the Steve Smith’s Tiger Style Administration plugin, which reformats that old blue WordPress admin display to something more modern, as described by the author

After working with WordPress for several months now, I felt the Administration area needed a little “freshening up”. I wanted the utility to feel more like an application, and less like a traditional website.

So your panels can go from:


to this:


So maybe this is eye candy, and no one but me sees this interface, but after all, it is my blog ;-)

I do have to clean up and better organize m categories, I’ve not been the best filer, and its likely time to consider moving to Ultiamte Tag Warrior so I can play folksonomy at home, and have a cool tag cloud.

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  1. Hey Alan,
    Thanks for the list and the pointer to Quintin’s. I’m running right out and grabbing Tiger Style Administration… Then I’ll mess with a few more…

    How is the beer holding out?

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