Crank up the Indy Junior map, I’m on the way for a 3 legged trip this week; today from Phoenix to Atlanta for the EDUCAUSE ELI Annual conference, one of my recent favorite events to attend for the caliber of folks who go, quality of program, etc. Sadly, due to the scheduling gods/demons, I get to attend one day and a morning, as I need to get to Dallas Tuesday to plan for another NMC Marcus Project workshop, 3 days of introducing Texas art museums to digital storytelling concepts, digital photography, video, and audio production basics, and putting this together in Pachyderm.

Weather havoc seems to be sweeping the nation, show it should be a ride. Today was intense rain in Phoenix, throwing all kinds of monkey wrenches into tourists plans for the sunny desert. Yes, it’s an outbreak of weather, something that happens maybe 40-50 times a year here. Looks like cold winter, real winter, temps in Atlanta and Dallas. Not that it matters, as it will be lucky if I see the exterior of the hotels.

Looking forward to seeing colleagues at EDUCAUSE’ we have NMC presentations at 3:00 (on Second Life /Virtual Worlds, join us virtually) and 4:30 (The Horizon Report).

Oops, time to munch by Blue Burrito Grill burrito. And as always, yum for the free wireless at the Phoenix Airport.

Update: First delay, “weather” related, gives me another hour of free wireless. Hey Dr. Glu! Keep a bar stool warm. I’m on my way.

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