This was the version of the story of Dominoe formerly published in Storify at (Storify is dead as of May 2018). It was used for 50+ Web Ways to Tell a Story.


I was in between. Fiercely independent, had money saved up, and some time before I went west.

My roommate called.

Someone found a runaway dog. Dominoe.

Named her after the damsel in Sharky’s Machine.


Malnourished, skittish, afraid of a raised hand.

We walked

We walked into the woods, she always following a few yards away, my buddy.

One Day

One day we drove farther and walked in the autumn leaves.

Met an old friend

Met an old friend. We chatted about 15 minutes, and I turned around.

She was gone.

I was hours running up and down the trail, crying out her name. I was worthless. I could take care of myself, but no one else,  worthless.


I would camp out, return the next day. I would do that every day until I found her. Every day.

I cried back to the car...

… and there she was, waiting for me. My awareness became a circle of responsibility of more than just myself.

We drove across the country

My Co-Pilot

We had adventures

Traveled exciting lands....

Looked around...

Made a home

She departed permanently

but I never forgot what I learned that day in the woods.


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