I love the words I learn from @katexic and decided it would be fun to make them visuals. With possible snark.

This was originally published on Storify at https://storify.com/cogdog/visualizing-katexic-words but because they are trashing their web site in May 2018, I have liberated my content here using the Storify Link Extractor tool.

diacope • a literary device in which the repetition of a word or phrase is separated by a word or two. • katexic.com/word/diacope/

fustian • A pompous, bombastic style of writing or speaking. Also, a coarse family of twilled fabric that includes moleskin, velveteen and corduroy. • katexic.com/word/fustian/

retund • To weaken or diminish. To repress, repel or refute. To drive back. • katexic.com/word/retund/