The human/zombie story of aggression has changed less than other world conflicts. It’s time for a new order, a peaceful mutually beneficial co-existence. I am a Zombie for PEACE.

Here is the setting for what is happening, except IT IS NOT A GAME.

I was bitten early. I became a dog zombie.

My friends tried to save me.

The first stages of zombieness were predictable. PRIDE.



But then a wave of kum ba ya washed over me, and the idea for peace brought me… peace.

And now, I had a peace plan. It was offered. But would anything come of it?

There was doubt.

And curiosity

So maybe the plan was not understood. Or accepted. So I wrote of it in more detail.


I am not alone, I am not the Last Peace Loving Zombie on Earth.

There is movemen

And yes, via Rule 9, a new road to take in this war, a peaceful one. Become a pacifist zombie join #zombiespeace