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First Clicks with the GIFaChrome

Wow, have I been delinquent on catching up on the crazy creative riffing going on among the ds106ers in Google+. Besides spinning out Collaborative GIF stories they have mashed up glitch art and animated GIFs, and discovered/invented an entire new kind of photographic device, the GIFaChrome. Check out the new site Rochelle is weaving to […]


Week 14 Checklist and Archiving

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Daniel*1977 What needs to be done this week. All items must be done by midnight Sunday, April 29 You must write up 3 blog posts, detailed below, one summarizing all things done on this checklist, one for your final project, and one for a […]


Ready, Set, Blog

In yesterday’s class we made great progress with getting their blogs set up. I’m pleased to see the ones that have already been made their own with different themes.. Now it’s time to fill them up! In the class session … Continue reading