Learning Objects Readings assembled by Micheael Roy at Wesleyan for a new Learning Object site being developed there (worth a click and look). Their project sounds interesting and is using some (free) web portal tools from the Internet Scout project

Lots of good links and references here, a bit rough edged on the blog side (maybe it is new or maybe it is just blogspot)- some links are not linked and there is not much navigation.

Probably a work in progress, and the resources are good, so content can be prince if not king or queen.

The post "Learning Object Readings" was originally pulled like taffy through a needle's eye at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2003/05/learning-object/) on May 8, 2003.


  • Mike Roy

    Yikes! We’ve entered the Blogosphere. The stuff is definitely a work in progress, intended to be the rough ingredients out of which we will craft our portal. Having been linked to, I guess I’ll have to clean it up a little. And certainly suggest more materials to add to the pot.

  • Internet Scout Portal Toolkit

    Thanks to cogdogbblog for pointing this out: The Scout Portal Toolkit (SPT) allows groups or organizations that have a collection of knowledge or resources they want to share via the World Wide Web…

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