Ryan Eby, a Michigan State University education major, has created an e-Portfolio in Movable Type, a nice example of using te reflective aspects of a blog for this purpose.

Major sections in Ryan’s teacher portfolio include his “tutoring logs”, teaching strategies and resources, teaching philoophy, and an “inquiry project”

Thanks for a great example, Ryan (and activate Trackback on your blog ;-)

The post "MT as a Teaching Portfolio" was originally yanked out of the teeth of a rabid chicken at CogDogBlog (http://cogdogblog.com/2003/05/mt-as/) on May 7, 2003.


  • I do have comments and trackbacks enabled on my strategies collection temporarily. The reason why it isn’t for the entire portfolio is that the portfolio is hosted on the web space the university supplies which does not allow any scripting at all. What I’m doing right now is hosting the CGI on my own computer which then writes the files over the network to my University space. My main weblog, which I host on my own computer for now, is at:


    and does have both comments and trackbacks. Unfortunately I will be moving soon and will not have as good of internet so I am trying to find a cheap host for my weblog. Hopefully I get things worked out. Thanks for the link though.

  • Alan

    Thanks Ryan, it was not really a criticism, and I was more pleased to see a decent example of using a blog as a portfolio.

    Best of luck in your next endeavors.

  • Karim Derrick maps-ict.com

    I am the developer and project manager for a UK schools ePortfolio system called MAPS (Managed Assessment Portfolio System) Thought you might be interested to take a look: http://www.maps-ict.com

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