3 @ NMC Summer Conference

It’s been a jam packed day at the New Media Consortium 2003 summer conference in lovely (humid) Blacksburg Virginia (Hokie-land, Virginia Tech).

The Maricopa Learning eXchange got a large dose of exposure today, and I am thinking many people are going home thinking “Gotta do a Google on RSS

First up, our department, the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI) was honored as a 2003 NMC Center of Excellence, a fantastic recognition (and a beauty of a glass sculputure trophy). For that, we had to (quickly) in ther last 3 weeks pull together a digital video to play for the audience. It was webcast and an archive should be available.

Rigth after that, Mike Mattson from the University of Calgary Learning Commons invited me to so a bit of show and tell on RSS at the end of his presentation on the eduSource project.. With not much time (last night) I cobbled together the “powerpoint-free” list of links related to our experiments here and at CAREO on RSS and learnig objects.

Then in the afternoon, we did another spot on the MLX (see it for yourself) for the NMC 5 minutes of Fame session (we got gonged as 5 minutes of presentation time runs out fast.

Lots of fun, great connections- it is one of the better conferences for the size is kept small, there is space between sessions to talk and debrief, and lots of good ideas floating about.

Just would prefer to space out my presenations, but hey, it is over now.

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  1. Alan,

    Ya know, if you’d warned me, we could have met up. I live 20 minutes from Blacksburg.


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