A Humanites Blogging Prof Not to Be Outdone…

And not to be outdone by a mere earth science teacher, our Humanities Blogger, Boris, has also latched onto the new RSS Feeds from About.com (see boris blog…) and quickly drills down to some useful Art History ideas for “approaching art”

This is pushing beyond the bounds of mere learning objects, but again gets out the nortion of using RSS to network together useful (to Prof Boris) sorts of content he can peruse and pontificate upon.

But we do wish the RSS feeds from About.com would put more descriptive titles on their RSS- if you see the grey sidebar from Boris, the bottom two RSS feeds from About.com are blandly titled Literature: Cliassic and Art History


If they simply modified the RSS output to read:


  <title>About.com- Literature: Classic</title>

Their aggregated feeds out in the blog-verse would be “branded” better to the About.com site.

But hey, what do I know? I am just a CogDog.

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