Blogging Across the Curriculm

From Quinnipiac University comes this gem: Blogging Across the Curriculum. Pattie Belle Hastings from the Interactive Design Department shares this resource that rose from her 2002 experiments on using student weblogs as alternatives to paper design jounrals.

Her site provides a nice overview of blogging, how to blog, the role of blogs in teaching, lots of resources, and links to the student projects. A good ideas is the Bibliography that includes the entire web site as a PDF.

It is encouraging to see more and more of this resources pop up, and its one of thise net based grass roots efforts that rise out of teachers exploring potentials for new technologies (not from administrative decrees that “we must blog”… well not yet).

Also, any project that go through a research or development phase, poiints to a weblog as an ideal to provide a reflective chronology of the project, as we often negelct to document to process in pursuit of the product.

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