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Use Gmail Web Clips as RSS Feed Ticker

If I was tweeting this, I might make up a silly hash tag like #CoolNewTechnologyIJustFoundThatsBeenOutForEons I use Gmail extensively, got my CogDogness, as well as over the last few weeks, I have ditched the desktop email client and using the Gmail version of our NMC Google Apps email. By finding my oldest Gmail message, I’ve […]



Lots of new iPhone/iPod apps for accessing Flickr. Using now Exposure from connected flow (same folks that make iPhoto/aperature export plugin). Blogging from iPod for the fun of it!


“I Love Moo” “I Love Moo Too” (and Little Moo, Big Moo…)

Again I am embarrassingly late to embrace a trend. Moo cards have been around like since Web 1.6 – those slick half sized business cards that feature a different image on each card, and quite often images personally picked from flickr.

Thanks to a friend who slipped me a promo code to get a discount on my first order, I tipped the cow… er scale, and ordered my first set of cards:

Moo Me

The Moo tools are as easy as dipping Oreos- you give your flick credentials and you can then start selecting images from your photos, from your tags, sets, or just poking around. I rummaged around my hundreds of my photos flowers and dogs. You don’t have to select 100 pictures to make 100 cards (if you use less you get repeats). You can customize the info that appears on the back, including your flickr icon (yay) and either free text on the six lines of print, but can also have information auto inserted based on the image used (mine has a URL to the photo).


G-G, Negative Content, and Blogging Rarely Is Ok

You dont have to blog (or twitter) every 10 minutes… as long as when you do its meaningful. Greg Ritter posts maybe once or twice a month, and there was a time when the light at Ten Reasons Why was dark for like a year, but he shares some fabulous gems. Earlier this month he […]


Quick Quiz: What New Web Tool Can You Use and Get an ASUS?

A few weeks ago I came across a nifty new web embedded quiz tool on Steve Dembo’s site – his edublogger quiz was rather thorough, and is worth seeing how well you know your fellow bloggers. Steve made this quiz with MyStudiyo which who knows, may become the YouTube for multiple choice quizzes? It offers […]


Got My ServerMojo Working

This week I tried the free ServerMojo service which provides reports of uptime for your web servers (or databases) or pings you when they are down. The cool thing is you can get alerts the old fashioned grandma way (email) or as direct messages via twitter (which can then be pushed your phone). So ServerMojo […]


The Moose Has Left The Building

Are Blogs Are Dead
Visual Facilitation art by Nancy White

Such a high was the 2008 Northern Voice Conference and how quickly it seems gone. By far, this surpasses by experience her two years ago, my first Moose ride. Its as much for the gathering of creative people that seem to be everywhere in Vancouver, the low overhead personal way a conference is organized (as opposed to the big conferences that leave one cold), but mainly for the camraderie of being with many of my favorite colleagues, so a shoutout to Brian Lamb (tireless organizer and generous party host) and of course Keira (letting us rampage their house); D’Arcy Norman (sheer genius with code and camera); Scott Leslie (amazing array of knowledge of tech, movies, literature, music); Jim Groom (unbridled energy for everything, and a damn fine blues singer); Chris Lott (tireless driver and the most amazing faciliator, and another with a range of knowledge I cannot see the limits of); Jennifer Jones (tireless tweeter, ustreamer, and bravery for hanging out with edugeeks).

And this does not even count the long list of other people I got to meet with and talk to at Northern Voice. I have added my last little bits of photos and soon to be fading memories to the VoiceThread I slapped together (in lieu of blogging- see exploring new technology is now a blogging excuse!)

So check it out and add some comments! We need your audio comments!


Jane… er, Google, Stop This Crazy Machine

Even with spam fighting plugins, on a daily basis, I am spending time I’d rather be doing sometime constructive, and deleting, moderating, click through the relentless barrage of blog comment spam. I am feeling like the dutch boy and I am getting weary of trying to hold back the dam. The killer was one that […]


Be a Blog Mentor for Al Upton’s miniLegends

Yesterday I wrote of the power of using twitter as a “CallOut” to get help or participation or just say, “Hey, we’re hanging out over at this cool web place.” And late last night, another example twittered my way- getting a tweet from both Sue Waters and Al Upton. Al does these fantastic web blogging […]