MT Weblog as Courseware

Simply wonderful. RIT professor Liz Lawley is doing some great things by (a) trying; and (b) sharing here efforts in using movabletype as courseware.

A version of her Fall 2003 Introduction to Multimedia courseblog is available for peeking (her own mamamusings blog is worth looking at just to see what good work with CSS can render).

A weblog makes for a simple web publishing tool, and that is what she seems to be after, as well as hopefully leveraging the communications (comments, trackback) features of MovableType. I am curious to see if she extends it as a student tool was well, going beyond teacher publishing for students to ways of students participating in the blog-verse.

No, a weblog is not a full blown CMS, but it can handle many fo the information publishing/communication aspects (the primary use of CMSes from a recent EDUCAUSE ECAR publication).

Stay tuned to Liz’s work. I will.

We hope to see more and more of these innovative experiments that can push the boundaries of what we often accept without fuss from Course Management Monoliths. Avoid the boxes of technology, look for the exploitable holes.

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