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Just came across the nifty MT Plugin: OtherBlog. This allows MovableTyple blogs to be able to include content on the same server.

Plugin based way of including posts/info from other blogs on the same installation.

I’ve yet to even try it, but I can already think about our BlogShop a way to provide a “super-blog” that would assemble content from the blogs of participants in the workshop (assuming they actually continue posting content after the workshop;-)

But there could be other uses, but need to let it distill a bit on my brain. If you are hosting more than one blog on a server, it has potential for bridging content.

<tiphat>tip of the blog hat to IDBlog </tiphat>

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  1. Nothing like a sarcastic comment at a sarcastic blog ;-)

    I too saw the parallels with using RSS feeds in blog templates, but rarely seen it done. I was hoping this one perhaps offered some other contexts one could not do with RSS.


  2. I need to get a few additional cpu’s so I can start to parralel process… When you first showed me RSS, knew their were significant instructional implications if I could only think big and fast enough. This feature offers even more and my brain is pulling a Wayne’s World “I’m not worthy” routine. I just need to get my thinking up into the high giga/low terra FLOP range…

  3. Just an FYI for ya. NucleusCMS has the otherBlog feature built into it. I don’t know of any eduBloggers using Nucleus (other than myself), but would encourage a review. It’s quite an interesting package.

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