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Seat of the Pants iSight Demo

Later today I am doing a risky demo at our Ocotillo Online learning Group Meeting. Most technology is a risky in demo mode– here I am showing off the two-way desktop video capability of Apple’s iSight/iChatAV.

I’ve got a good number of people, both in the Phoenix area and scattered across the US, Canada, even New Zealand, that I hope to “call up” live– the meeting location is ideal- the Estrella Mountain Community College’s Center for Teaching and Learning is a state of the art facility, with a “presenter in the round” set up and 4 large projection screens in the room.

One of my colleagues across town plans to carry his laptop and iSight and go over live to a biology lab (their campus has wireless net all over) where they talked about doing a live dissection (after lunch?). Another colleague will describe how they have used the iSight to hold department meetings bewteen 2 campuses.

I’m whizzing out of town right afterward, so the results may not be posted to the

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