Not that anyone but me cares, but number 4 (my French numbering skills went out the ouvre) in my recent spate of blog tinkering notes (1, 2, 3) was a recasting of the date-based archives, the monthly archives MovableType builds for you.

With the out of the box templates, MT simply takes every blog entry you made within a month, and builds one long giant page with them al glued together, one after another. Scroll, and scroll, and scroll is the action if you had a prolific month (or wait and wait and wait if you are not on high speed connections).

Like the category archives recently altered, the new approach is to have the monthly archives simply list a compressed version of a blog entry with a link to the full enhilada, say for example, look at November 2003.

The post "Dog/Blog House Updates Part Q… 4" was originally pulled charred and crispy from a smoky charred oven at CogDogBlog ( on January 17, 2004.

Another squirrely thing about MovableType right out of the box is that the category archive templates it create is more or less a never-ending appending of your posts to a long scrolling archive. It hardly seems useful once you have blogged say 10, 20 entries in a category, much less if you have written long pieces and/or embedded images.

Previously I wrote about my funky strategy for creating two sets of category archives, the recent 20 linked to “all the rest”, but I have modified the output templates to produce more or less a title/abstract view (example) rather than a mimic of the original post, with a link to the full post (the individual archive, old example)…

The post "Dog/Blog House Updates Part Trois" was originally yanked out of the teeth of a rabid chicken at CogDogBlog ( on January 12, 2004.

More changes I forgot in the MovableType structure of CDB. Previously, when I had a poor grasp on MT templates, I had separate index templates for each of my category RSS feeds, thinking there was not a way to generalize that. This was sloppy, requiring new templates for every category I decided to add, and the more index rebuilds you ask MT to do, it seems to get a bit clunkier.

Here is how I created generalized RSS feeds (okay, they are still RSS 1.0, but I’ve yet to figure out why I need 2.0 or pie or Atom or whatever else it is called these days. I am open to having my paw slapped)…

The post "Dog/Blog House Updates Part Deux" was originally yanked out of the teeth of a rabid chicken at CogDogBlog ( on January 12, 2004.

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