Web Server Takes A Hoilday

This blog, as well as our RSS2JS service and our eportfolio server all took an unintended four day holiday. Last week was Spring break for our system, and our admin offices close on Thursday and Friday of that week.

Our building had a planned electrical outage planned for Thursday AM to test a new back up generator (apparently it worked fine), but it meant all the servers (4) in our office blipped off. We had tested them previously to ensure they would reboot when the power came up (changes in the BIOS settings for the Linux boxes), but something flaky happened with the web services on the XServe that hosts this site. I am still out of town so was just hoping things would spring back to life. Well 3 out of 4 did okay.

Hopefully no-one’s sites went kerflooie without the RSS feeds. That’s the way the web bounces.

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  1. It was human… er, dog…. no it was human error. A misplaced apostrophe in a hyperlink ate the rest of the post. Darned paws are hard to type with.

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