Got the call today from our Legal Department and they approve our plan for GPL licensing of an open source version of the Maricopa Learning eXchange (good thing cause we have been doing it anyhow). In fact, our legal counsel was impressed with “how clearly and humanly understandable the license was written” (that is the point).

The question I cannot answer, which maybe someone can chime in on is, how can we set out a “requirement” that the original graphic logo remain in tact and that future instances of openMLX-es will have a regular credit statement and back link to the original? Can one attach conditions to a GPL?

My response was that we do not need something as strong as a condition, that we could make it a “strong” request, but nothing with teeth, and that most places that might try and use this would be respectful of those requests.

Anyhow, we have a first demo/test version that is running functionally, and the loading dock is fully operational. We are looking at some redesign tweaks to make it more flexible, and then I need to recode in a major way the RSS syndication, and it will have a local MLX instance of Feed2JS.

Anyhow, there should be a public version to play with on our about 10:15 AM, June 18, 2004 (my NMC presentation). Details are swirling in the mist…

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