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Pounding the Jade Server


We just got around to setting up AWstats for our “Jade” server that runs our blogs as well as the Feed2JS contraption.

For just a week of running, in the middle of a hot and slow summer, we see:

  • 561,000 hits (42k per day)
  • 99,000 unique visitors (11k per day)

It turns out 96% of that traffic is hitting the Feed2JS (well actually 38% is from the newest version of the feed machine, while 58% of the total traffic is hitting the old RSS2JS script.

42,000 hits per day is a lot considering our main site, which has 10 years of content averages 58,000 per day. Fortunately, those hits are tiny in size.

No worries, the script is not going away, just having fun looking at the details on the stats and ignoring the (We can see you! ;-)

It is interesting to see there are 5700 views this month for the RSS feed for the newest items on the MLX

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