I picked this one off the pile of RSS feeds, GUI Bloopers a site supporting a book about software design “mistakes”. I have to admit to not doing more than scanning the table of contents, so the book may be a fine treasure indeed, but the web page here just makes me gag up kibbles and bits:

  • texttured backgrounds repeating tiled GIFs- it is so, like 1997.
  • white text on a dark background, cool on the monitors, ghost like invisible to a printer
  • fancy text headings as embedded images- more useful, less bandwidth with style sheets
  • Javascript image replacement roll-overs- again, very passe, and yes your copy of ImageReady, GoLiuve etc makes ’em for you… but again, clunky.

Maybe it is because the date stamp is 2002, but the site is under a more modern looking one that has at least made some small web-design steps into the current century– though while it uses CSS it is still encrusted into HTML multi layered tables.

Slap ’em over the head with a copy of Zeldman and send the web designers to the corner until they have read up on web standards. And take some lessons from maxdesign.

Maybe my bark is rough here, but a book about web design should be an example itself.

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