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Hanging Out with Wyatt Earp

Who needs Broadway?

Last night we were at the “theater” in Pine Arizona (that is the town community hall, an old school gym that still has the wooden basketball court floor), with $7 tickets to see the one performance by Wyatt Earp – that is his name and he is the great nephew of the Earp that was made famous for the Gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone.

Earp had been doing a show in a tent at an old mining camp north of Scottsdale Wyatt Earp: A Life on the Frontier on his great uncle… this show he performed (written by his wife Terry) was The Gentleman Doc Holliday— a recanting of his famous escapades from his jail cell in Colorado. Earp noted with irony in remarks after the show for playing that part. There was a second performance by Terry Earp of Kate: The Woman of Many Names, where an 80 year old Big Nose Kate tells the story of her Western experiences with Doc, Wyatt, and the other gunfighters long gone.

These were excellent performances for an audience of maybe 70 mostly retired folks and a group of dudes dressed up in cowboy outfits. Both actors really pull off the characters and become them.

And these folks are not stuck in the 1880s (unless the internet is much older than Al Gore claimed) as they have a web site.

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